Professional licensing is a form of consumer protection.

In California, the title “Landscape Architect” may not be used without passing a rigorous and comprehensive several day exam given by the State. To qualify for the exam, one must have a BS degree in Landscape Architecture or a related field, and have completed a two year internship with a licensed firm. Only upon successful completion of all sections of the exam is an individual granted licensing and title, and registered by the state of California. Licensing must be renewed every two years.

The profession is made up of individuals trained to skillfully evaluate the numerous design, engineering and environmental considerations of landscape projects – no matter what size. Depending on a firm's particular focus, this might be intimate courtyard settings, new parks, downtown renovations or restoration management plans – to name a few. We are everywhere! We analyze and balance the science of soils, grading, drainage, plants and ecosystems, water systems, lighting, materials and construction.

Communication is the key to success.

Well-documented, professionally designed plans can save many a headache in the long run – for you, and your licensed contractors. Clarity and thoroughness make plans easier to bid. During construction, that same clarity will help limit misunderstandings, misinterpretations, corner-cutting, and change orders that may result in extra costs. Licensed Landscape Architects understand how to help build a project's success, longevity and safety.

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